A few of you have been asking if I accept any form of cryptocurrency, well now I am finally accepting Bitcoin! Are you hoarding coins? Farming them? You know they would look SO much better contributing to my wallet balance.


You can find my address below, I recommend scanning the QR code. One letter or number wrong and you’ll send it all to the wrong person. We wouldn’t want that now, would we. Copy Address: 38JdThy5oA3pMGjkYnTE23Vhwb3rqAdtAQ

Unsure how much to send/how much your bitcoin is currently worth? You can find out todays rates HERE.

bitcoin cryptodomme

Why Bitcoin?

Why not. No, but seriously, you may be wondering what benefits there are to sending your crypto currency to me, so let me tell you. It allows you to send a payment internationally without any pesky fees. Speaking of fees, I don’t lose a percentage like I do when you tribute through my clip stores. It’s instant, so instant gratification. As simple as that.

Different Cryptocurrency?

If you wish to send other forms of crypto payments, such as Ethereum, get in touch and I can give you the appropriate address. For now, Bitcoin is my preferred crypto currency.

Other tributes

Wish to tribute the more traditional way? This page has all the other tribute methods I currently accept.