Custom Clip

Contact me before ordering your custom clip, So I can approve your idea first!


Ordering a custom clip:

Order a custom clip via either of the following sites: ManyvidsIWantClips. This is my preferred method, as your money is held with the site until I deliver your video. Filling in your custom details is also simplified. So I believe this is the best option for both of us.

If you want a quicker response, send your enquiry with a tribute/tip note. This shows you respect my time, as I have dozens of enquiries daily.


Outfit/Makeup choices are down to my own discretion. Feel free to make suggestions i.e bodysuit, black lingerie, leggings, dark lipstick etc. And I will let you know if your preference is okay. You’re also welcome to purchase an outfit for your clip via tribute or a gift card. I do not accept items sent to me, mailed from you.


By personal preference, I do not accept scripted customs. They aren’t fun for me to make. And I believe my best clips are those I have full creative freedom over.

You CAN however set the scene for me, in fact, I encourage you too. Am I your bratty step sister? A cuckolding girlfriend? Do you prefer sensual domination or full blown bratty humiliating bitch? I can play either role and more. I also encourage you to tell me any trigger words you may have, so I can pepper them in for ultimate effect.

Mesmerise Clips

As you can imagine. My mesmerise clips take a lot more work than any other clips I produce. I spend hours editing them, adding special visual and audio effects. Therefore I am unlikely to accept highly visual/heavily edited mesmerise clips, unless you are a generous tipper.


Tips/Tributes to show your appreciation are more than welcome. It makes me smile knowing you enjoyed your video I custom tailored for you.

Custom Audio:

Love the ethereal sound of My voice? You can now order custom audio! Prices start from just $8 a minute (5 minute minimum). I use a Blue Yeti mic for a nice, crisp sound. You will need to contact me via email for audio requests.