I can’t wait to fuck your mind with this clip! I’m going to become your new obsession bitch boy. All it takes is ONE clip. And deep down the rabbit hole you go! Listen to[…]

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toilet pig

Toilet Pig

You’ll do anything for Me, that includes becoming my very own Toilet Pig! Why pig? Because pigs are great at disposing of waste. Duh. So what are you waiting for? Get on your knees and[…]

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cucks always pay

Cucks Always Pay

I’m here to remind you why cucks like you pay. You’re stuck at home jerking your inadequate dick. While I’m out enjoying time with a real man. You could never please me physically, but lucky[…]

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hump your hand

Hump Your Hand JOI

You’re addicted to sending and the rush it gives you. In fact, just thinking about sending makes you throb. So get humping your hand for me. You’re going to goon & follow my instructions until[…]

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