Financial Domination – A Beginners Guide

What is financial domination?

Like any kink out there, financial domination, or ‘findom’ as it is also known, is a power exchange between a dominant and their submissive. It’s almost always combined with other kinks such as blackmail, foot fetish, chastity, cuckolding etc. So lets talk about what makes financial domination so special.

True financial subs get a kick out of sending their hard earned cash to beautiful, dominant women. But even if you don’t call yourself a ‘financial sub’. Unless you are particularly talented, the easiest, most universally accessible way to please your dominant, is money. It’s the most direct way to improve their life. It shows you appreciate their time & effort and it shows sacrifice on your behalf.

A huge part of financial domination is building a trusting relationship. That with time and effort, will flourish. Some of my best, (and most profitable) relationships with subs occur because I understand exactly how to get into their heads. I push all the right buttons, how do I do that? By getting to know them while they are proving themselves to me.

Want to prove yourself? Begin HERE.

I sent you a tribute/bought a clip/sent a giftcard Goddess, am I your paypig/moneyslave/ATM yet?!

The short answer is, NO.

As nice as it is to receive wish list items, tributes and bulk clip orders. True financial domination = a power exchange. Simply put, without a session that involves a direct power exchange between you and I, you are sending a gift and nothing else. I may or may not reply. There is also a big difference between a purchase and a tribute, but that’s a blog post for another day.

If you are seeking a dominant who will only fulfil your needs, but you overlook mine($$$). You’re saying your needs supersede my own. This isn’t submission, nor is it findom or any other kink. True subs understand that their Goddess should come first.

If you’ve ever looked at a relationship between a sub/dom and thought, ‘wow, they’re SO lucky!’ I guarantee it isn’t luck. Like with many things in life, it is consistent time, effort and $$$ that formed the relationship you’re observing.

Does financial domination require a lot of $$$

What you really get out of a findom relationship all boils down to the effort you’re willing to put in for your Goddess.

If you want a short lived, unsatisfactory experience, you’ll send a low amount once and expect FAR too much back. However, if you send as often as you can and prove your ability to make sacrifices for me. I guarantee I’ll be FAR more willing to make time for you. And thus, our relationship can flourish.

Communication is KEY. Tell me your desires, fetishes, fantasies. Tell me what makes you weak. ABOVE ALL ELSE, tell me in a tip note! And then we can really have some fun!

Worried you don’t have enough to send? $10 or $10,000. It’s all MINE. I’ll take it ALL. So just hit send.

– Celeste

In financial domination, Money is the prerequisite to something much deeper.