Crypto: I’m now accepting digital tributes!

I’m now accepting crypto-currency! Yes, you can now tribute me via Bitcoin and Ethereum. I’m super excited about joining my fellow Crypto Dommes!

CLICK to fill up my virtual wallet until its nice and fat!


Why cryptocurrency?

  • It’s anonymous
  • I get 99% of my earnings on Spankpay, unlike clip sites who take a much bigger percentage of my earnings
  • I’m able to accept payments from anywhere in the world
  • Transfers are instant!
  • And last but NOT least. Why NOT? Your money is MY money. So not only will you send your $$$ to me, I’ll also drain you of your crypto too!

Of course, if you prefer to tribute me in the more traditional way, you can do so via the widget to the right of this article. OR you can find my other payment methods on this page.