How To Serve

Learn how to submit to Me correctly so your journey into complete ownership can begin !

Lets start with how you should refer to Me

Simply refer to me as Goddess. Or Goddess Celeste if you prefer to call me by my full title. I will correct you if you choose to call me by any other.

How do I approach you Goddess?

It’s very simple. Your only purpose is to serve. Your place as a slave in this world is under my feet, serving without question. Therefore, the only way to get noticed in my world is by sending a tribute WORTH noticing. You can start by sending at least a triple figure tribute.

Subscribe to my AVN page if you aren’t already! Message me there once your tribute has been sent. Introduce yourself and MOST importantly – let me know what you are going to do for Me.

Once I have my claws in you there’s no going back.

Goddess, I can’t afford to be owned by you

Here’s how you can contribute to my empire on a smaller budget:

  • Join AVNStars or Onlyfans (they are affordable for a reason)
  • Buy clips, I release more every month
  • Tribute what you are able to, those $10/20/50 tributes add up!

My full attention is reserved for those who are willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND for me. My good boys who show their devotion unconditionally. Who send without question.