April Clip Roundup/News

April was a VERY busy time for custom clips but not so busy for my store…HOWEVER! I did release a veryyyy special mesmerize clip that features fully customised audio. It is a truly immersive experience that I am proud to have created. You can check it out below!

If I have learnt anything this month it’s that I now need to limit the amount of customs I take on, I don’t want to neglect my store again! So if you want a custom from me you are best ordering ASAP before my limited number of slots fill up for the month.

In other news, I finally opened an Onlyfans! Sign up for daily posts from yours truly. There’s only a few discounted spots left as I type this.

Your New Religion

Featuring custom audio, binaural beats and a whisper track, allll of this combined with the visuals I have created for you will pull you in deeper than EVER before.

This isn’t your usual religious style clip, no. This is SO much deeper than that. What does Goddess worship mean to you? Is it jerking yourself off to someone who can make you feel weak and vulnerable? Maybe you bought one clip out of curiosity and it spiralled from there. You continued to buy clips from a variety of women…but over time, they just aren’t doing it for you like they used. No.

Whilst stroking your cock obviously feels good. You’re lost. You’re searching for something deeper. Something MORE from these experiences, something only a TRUE Goddess is capable of providing you with. And I’m here to give it allllll to you.

Put your headphones on and let my words wrap around you like a soft warm blanket. As I show you the truth and introduce you to your new Religion.


Flip-off Rip-off

A clip that features Me could never truly be classed as a ripoff clip. No, seeing Me on your screen is truly a blessing. Which is why you’ll pay the price just to see a few minutes of Me flipping you off. You LOVE it when I humiliate you!