Custom Clips

Ordering custom clips

You can order custom clips via IWantClips! This is my preferred method, as your money is held with the site until I deliver your video. Filling in your custom details is also simple. So I believe this is the best option for both of us.


Outfit/Makeup choices are down to my own discretion. Feel free to make suggestions i.e bodysuit, black lingerie, leggings, dark lipstick etc. You’re also welcome to purchase an outfit for your clip via tribute or a gift card fif there is something you’re eager to see me in that I don’t own.


By personal preference, I do not accept scripted customs. They aren’t fun for me to make. And I believe my best clips are those I have full creative freedom over.

You CAN however set the scene for me, in fact, I encourage you too. Am I your bratty step sister? A cuckolding girlfriend? Do you prefer sensual domination or full blown bratty humiliating bitch? I can play either role and more. I also encourage you to tell me any trigger words you may have, so I can pepper them in for ultimate effect.

Mesmerise clips

My mesmerise clips take a lot more work than any other clips I produce. I spend hours editing, adding special visual and audio effects. Therefore I am unlikely to accept highly visual/heavily edited mesmerise clips, unless you are a generous tipper.


Tributes to show your appreciation are more than welcome. It makes me smile knowing you enjoyed your video I custom tailored for you.

Custom audio clips

Love the sound of My voice? You can now order custom audio! Prices start from just $10 a minute (5 minute minimum). I use a Blue Yeti mic for a nice, crisp and clear sound.

You will need to contact me via email for audio requests:

custom clips
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