Crypto: I’m now accepting digital tributes!

I’m now accepting crypto-currency! Yes, you can now tribute me via Bitcoin and Ethereum. I’m super excited about joining my fellow Crypto Dommes! CLICK to fill up my virtual wallet until its nice and fat! Why cryptocurrency? It’s anonymous I get 99% of my earnings on Spankpay, unlike clip sites who take a much bigger percentage of my earnings I’m able to accept payments from anywhere in the world Transfers

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about celeste

About Celeste

Is there a kink I dislike? What’s my domination style? Read on to find out more about Me! Lets start with my domination style – I don’t ever intend to be limited to just one style of dominance, therefore, my style is extremely fluid. I can be sweet as honey, while seducing you and wrapping you around my finger. The brat who knows what she wants and won’t settle for

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financial domination

Financial Domination – A Beginners Guide

What is financial domination? Like any kink out there, financial domination, or ‘findom’ as it is also known, is a power exchange between a dominant and their submissive. It’s almost always combined with other kinks such as blackmail, foot fetish, chastity, cuckolding etc. So lets talk about what makes financial domination so special. True financial subs get a kick out of sending their hard earned cash to beautiful, dominant women.

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