How should I refer to you Goddess?

Simply refer to me as Celeste or Goddess.

Can I be your slave?

If I think we’re a good fit, I’ll approach the subject with you when I’m ready. The best relationships happen naturally with consistency. You certainly aren’t owned by me just because you bought a few clips and sent a tribute, fanboy.

What size are your feet?

A UK 5 or US size 7

Do you do real time sessions?

Not currently. I will update here if that changes.

Ways to make yourself useful

  • Send tributes. I accept compliments in the form of $$$.
  • Subscribe to my fan pages
  • Buy clips, I release new content frequently
  • Buy yourself a custom clip
  • Send crypto
  • Become my human ATM
  • Create a twitter account dedicated to me. Retweet my tweets and interact with my posts.
  • If you come across a clip of mine that isn’t on any of my official stores, please do not engage in stolen content. I work hard to create new content for you, so show your appreciation and support by buying the clips you are interested in.
  • Broke? Have a specific skill? Utilise those skills for me. Create fan art, banners, promotional videos, blog posts etc. There are plenty of silent ways you can contribute.

My full attention is reserved for those who are willing to go above and beyond for me. My good boys who show their devotion unconditionally.

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